Hydroseeding in Winston-Salem

Hydroseeding is an extremely effective way to have a green lawn in no time at a portion of the cost of sod.


What is Hydroseeding?

An alternative to sod, hydroseed is a blend of premium grass seed, mulch, fertilizer, and healthy soil – this mix starts growing immediately. The grass seeds germinate quickly, and grow even quicker! With just the right blend of fertilizer, soil, and seed, a fast green lawn is growing fast!

Why Hydroseed?

Sod looks great the minute we install it, but the true health of the turf is questionable for months–the reality is that it takes months to establish a lawn from sod fully. Hydroseed is applied directly to the ground and and roots grows directly in the ground, developing strong and healthy roots.

Hydroseeding is faster, cheaper, and more sustainable!

Not only does hydroseeding cost nearly 1/2 as much as sod, our clients find a healthier lawn faster with far less watering. In just a couple of weeks, a green lawn will begin to establish.

Hydroseeding available year-round!

Hydroseeding can be applied in almost any weather! Unlike sod, hydroseeding can be done almost all year!

Winston-Salem’s Hydroseeding Pros!

Hydroseeding in Winston-Salem, NC

Perfect for seeding large areas fast!

Compared to sod, the cost of Hydroseeding is very affordable for larger areas. With very high success rates, it is a much better alternative to traditional seeding.

Clients find a single hydroseeding application by SalemTurf is cheaper than multiple applications of a traditional seed with appropriate amendments and water applications. Hydroseeding is faster, easier for the property owner, and more affordable.

Get a quote for hydroseeding your lawn!

Surprisingly affordable, get a quote for hydroseeding your lawn today!



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