Sod Installation in Winston-Salem

Sod Installation

Winston-Salem’s Trusted Sod Installer

We offer all leading types of sod from trusted North Carolina sod grass farms. Installed with care, timed just right, and tended to for the season… you’re guaranteed a beautiful turf.

Sod installation in Winston-Salem is painless when you call SalemTurf!

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A Sod Installer right here in Winston-Salem

Sod Installers Installing Sod in Winston-Salem, NC

Installing All Types of Sod

We install all leading types of sod. Some types are only offered seasonally, let the sod installers at SalemTurf help you choose the right sod.

Types of Sod Available for Installation

  • Fescue Sod (including Confederate)
  • Bermuda Grass Sod (including Bermuda 419, Tifway, Celebration, and Princess 77)
  • Zoysia Sod (including Emire, Zeon, Zenith, Geo, Meyer, Compadre, Jamar)
  • St. Augustine Sod (including Sapphire, Mercedes, Palmetto and Raleigh)
  • Centipede Sod
  • More sod options available throughout the year.

Some types of sod are only offered seasonally here in Winston-Salem. Some may not be included in this list, but are available by special request. Don’t hesitate to contact us about your custom sod installation project.